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Our Vision

This is the UEC Business Vision that we endeavour to reach everyday:

Thousands of international students from around the world achieve their educational and career goals every year thanks to the teaching and learning provided by Universal English College and UEC Business. Students love UEC Business for its excellence in service and the rich, friendly, fun learning experiences it enables and the UEC Business team love it as an exceptional place to work.

Our Values

These are the values that we endeavour to live by every day at UEC Business:

We are passionate, persistent, and enthusiastically positive. We are driven by our mission to positively change lives through learning. Each action each of us take each day should contribute positively to our mission.

We are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and enabling exceptional academic experiences and outcomes. Good is not good enough! We are fiercely ambitious – we are always looking for better – and we take action to improve now, not later.

We are hungry and humble. We are tenacious and embrace the discomfort of facing our imperfections while striving to be awesome at what we do. We understand that how we do any one thing, is how we do everything. We care about the little things and the simple things just as much as the big things.

We are deeply committed to the people we engage with – our students, our staff, our partners. We care for each person as a human doing their best – imperfect and inherently worthy of respect and kindness. We champion each other’s efforts, voices and wellbeing. We have fun along the way and celebrate our successes big and small.

We act with integrity, authenticity and honesty. We accept conflict and that we will not please everyone, but we will always assume positively, listen curiously, speak respectfully, and act according to our values.

We are all owners and ambassadors of what we do. We take pride in both the process and the outcomes. We face problems and pursue opportunities – we speak up bravely and hold ourselves accountable. We learn from our failures and mistakes. We take initiative and act with energy and urgency.