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Study Pathways

Universal English College was established in 1988 and ever since it has provided courses for academic students and pathways for students to go on further studies. Today, 35 years later, Universal English College can provide its graduates with direct pathways to more than 50 institutions. This includes some of the best universities in Australia, TAFE colleges, and a broad variety of other higher education and vocation training institutes.

This means that if you complete the right Universal English College course at the right level, you can go straight on to your university or college course without needing to do an IELTS or TOEFL test. The UEC graduation certificate is the only English qualification, you’ll need!

Pathway Partners

Course Options

For most of our pathway courses and institutions, you will need to successfully complete the UEC Academic English Program at level 2 or level 3. The specific grade you will need depends on the requirements of the course you want to enroll in. Some vocational providers do accept other UEC certificates as well, such as Cambridge or General English, as long as it is at the required level.

This is a chart to show the typical grades and how they relate to an IELTS entry requirement.

Pathway Success Stories

There are so many pathways you can take. Below are just a few examples examples of pathways that UEC students have taken over the years.