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Life at UEC

Students, staff, and visitors to UEC all comment on how great the atmosphere is. It’s a campus filled with happy people who are really enjoying themselves – studying, teaching, learning, growing, working, and enjoying the experience of a lifetime!

When you first come out of the elevators and into the UEC campus, you’ll be greeted by the big UEC signs and by the friendly faces at reception. You’ll quickly be able to find your classrooms and the breakout spaces – it’s an easy campus to navigate and filled with natural light from the big windows in every room.

Fun, friendly, community

You’ve come to UEC to study and learn and we know you will love your lessons and learn so much. We also know that the thing that you will remember for years after your stay with us is the fun, friendly, community of students and staff that you meet and spend your time with while you’re at UEC. We get students coming back to us and writing to us years and years later and they always remember their time with us as one of the best times of their life. Recently, we had a student with us whose parents first met when they were students at UEC!

The two most important things to remember when you’re at UEC are, firstly, to study hard and enjoy your lessons and, secondly, we’re here to help whenever you need us. At UEC, we really pride ourselves on the support we provide for our students. Whether you need help with learning, with getting a job, with your accommodation, or with personal matters, we’re here for you. After 35 years of helping international students, there is nothing that we haven’t been asked for help with so there is no need to be shy!