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Coming to Australia – Visa Options

If you are coming to Australia, you’ll need to make sure you get the right visa. Depending on what country you are from and how long you want to stay and study in Australia, there are a number of visa options. A Student Visa is the most common option. The other common options are a tourist visa (also called a Visitor Visa) and working holiday visa.

There are strict laws in Australia about giving advice on visas – only a registered migration agent can do it inside Australia. This means UEC can’t give you visa advice. To find out more about what visa you should get, please talk to your agent or to a registered migration agent or contact the Australian immigration office directly. If you need help find an agent, you can choose from the list on our website.

Study Australia

The Australian government’s Study Australia website – provides a lot of useful information on visas and coming to Australia. This page from that website has information about student visas.

For students who come to Australia on a Student Visa, there are a range of rules and requirements for the student and the college. This handbook provides you with information on these in other sections.

Study Australia websiteInfo on Student Visas

Arriving in Sydney Airport

Sydney airport is big and modern. You’ll find lots of shops and food options. Like lots of airports, it’s also quite expensive, so it’s generally best to avoid eating and shopping there. There are a range of options for getting from the airport to your accommodation or to the college if you’re coming straight to the UEC Business campus from the airport. There is the train, taxis and buses. If that all sounds too complicated and scary, you can book an airport pickup when you book your course with us.

Airport transfer bookings mean someone will meet you at the airport when you exit the arrivals gate and drive you to your accommodation. Often, you’ll be with one or two other international students arriving and going to the same accommodation. Some students prefer this because it means they make payment when they book their course and not during the drive itself and because the driver will know where they need to go, so you don’t need to explain anything. This is the most expensive option, but certainly the most convenient!